v-AfricAct is a hybrid project aiming to engage

Africa regions representatives & intercontinental colleagues

for a growing involvement in proper Vein-Lymphatic management

of African healthcare professionals & public.

Everybody is invited to leave a comment and/or send a video presentation (info@vwinfoundation.com) on:

-project development

-met & unmet needs

-African vein-lymphatic practice 

All selected v-AfricAct video presentations can be found in the open access v-Learning digital platform

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v-WIN sessions are developed inside major international meetings with the aim of:

Promoting young generations venous-lymphatic education.

Fostering Phlebology/Lymphology advancement.

Supporting venous-lymphatic expertise growth of Health Professionals from low income countries.

The awards are always in the moral form of support to attend other venous-lymphatic educational experiences.