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v-WIN foundation vision and mission are in full support of unity in diversity.
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v-WIN foundation is proud partner of the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research in online not-for-profit courses development (

vWIN Foundation stands with Wuhan, China and all global cities affected by the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOv) outbreak. Material and financial support have been organized thru the vWIN affiliated organization, International Vascular Education and Research Consortium (IVERC). 100% of the support have been destined for affected cities in China. For more info, please contact

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*Jean van der Stricht was an eminent phlebologist. He said that we should know the history, so to avoid wasting time trying to open doors that were already opened by others.​ vWIN embraces this concept, combining the honor of remembering what the Phlebology fathers showed us, letting the young generations standing on the shoulders of such giants, propelling innovations and evidence-based science. ​
Jean van der Stricht (1922 - 2013)