Feb 3-5,2022


“in Venous Veritas”, on the road to v-WINter DUBAI”

The difficulty of the pandemic time has offered at least the opportunity to point out the importance of proper medical communication and of fake news counteraction.

The pandemic challenge has taught us both the potentials of the online education and the risk of its overuse. New formats must be developed now, enhancing the virtual opportunities, while imbricating them with the innovative in person scenarios.

With this aim, venous-lymphatic World International Network (v-WIN) foundation has designed 2 online educational paths, the “TRUE” and “CARE” projects, leading to the

in person v-WINter DUBAI 2022 10th international interuniversity meeting, to be held in Dubai during the week of health of the Universal Expo (Feb 3-5)



The TRUE project, acronym for Together Reporting Unbiased Education, is a synergy among venous-lymphatic Experts from international major scientific societies, Family Doctors and Patients, all together delivering a fake-news-free educational content.


The CARE project, acronym for Certification And Regulatory Education, is a synergy among international top Experts and top Industry representatives, all together delivering knowledge regarding proper medical products validation.


By means of the two paths, we look forward for delivering all together “TRUE CARE” in venous-lymphatic advancement, on the online road to the in person v-WINter DUBAI meeting.