Annual report 2021

v-WIN end of the year REPORT
On behalf of venous-lymphatic World International Network
(v-WIN) foundation, we’d like to take the end of the year report opportunity to deeply thank all the Colleagues and Friends around the world who have made the annual mission accomplishment possible.
Therefore, not by coincidence, we start with the report of the
VEIN MAP project, propelled by the will of offering a free tool to all the Vein-Lymphatic experts, to “promote GLOBAL SYNERGY, avoiding OVERLAPPING” in educational initiatives, during a new age of mainly hybrids events. 
The GEO & TIME localization software allows all the Scientific Societies & Vein-Lymphatic Experts to autonomously upload their events for free, including meeting descriptionpictures, videos, documents, links. Moreover, by a simple click, the event can be shared on the Social Networks and added on the Calendar. With great pleasure, we report all the continents have been already enjoying this tool, which is at disposal of everyone in the dedicated webpage. 
With the same will of stimulating
global EDUCATIONAL TEAMWORK, from April 5 to 11, the

VEIN WEEK project was developed, achieving the following main outcomes: 

1. Direct engagement of 114 project developers.
2. Development of 271 events in one week.
3. Engagement of ALL continents, including previously silent regions.
4. In 7 days, 112.729 visualizations of the events uploaded in the VEIN WEEK MAP, from all continents.
5. Together with many others, among the developed institutional interactions, of particular importance were the ones with Italian Board of Physicians, the UK parliament group for venous-lymphatic disease, the Paraguay Ministry of Health, the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery & Trauma, the European College of OBGyn.

v-WIN deepest gratitude goes to all the active developers, institutions and supporting companies who made the not for profit global initiative possible.
A special mention goes to ALFASIGMA, MEDI and PHILIPS for having made the project development possible in such an unbiased and moral way. 

A detailed report of the initiative is available by a
click on the dedicated button. 

In line with the above mentioned global teamwork,
7 synergy educational projects have been developed thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious scientific societies, on the “venous road to v-WINter DUBAI” format,
as per the following calendar.
Focus on Pelvic Venous Disorders, in collaboration with OBGYN top international representatives and the Georgian Association of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.
Focus on Latin America and Africa teamwork, in collaboration with the Argentina College of Venous Surgery & Lymphology and the Egypt Africa Venous-Lymphatic Association.
Focus on New Generation & Tutors international engagement.
Focus on Endovascular Training, in collaboration with Saudi Interventional Radiology Society, Tunisia Cardiovascular Surgery Society, Egypt Africa Vein Lymphatic Society, Georgian Association of Angiology and vascular Surgery, Tunisia Vascular Medicine Society. 
Focus on Deep Venous Management, in collaboration with the Chinese Society of Phlebology, Asian Venous Forum, Asian Society of Vascular Surgery.
Focus on Innovation & Hot topics, engaging Top Experts from all continents. 
Of special mention, the 4×4 project, bringing together
Vein-Lymphatic Experts x General Practitioners-Internal Medicine Doctors educational synergy. 
All thevenous road to v-WINter DUBAI initiatives have been dedicated to increase multi-specialty and public knowledge on the the proper vein-lymphatic management. 
The mission has been enhanced by surveys and video Interviews in the TRUE CARE format, acronym of
Together Reporting Unbiased Education &
Certification And Regulatory Education.
The project has included top experts, public and industry representatives, all together engaged in the patient protection against misinformation. 
In this action line, a portal  was created to allow all public and health professionals to report eventually encountered misinformation and proper evidence based data.
Everybody can report by a click in the dedicated button.
In Venous Veritas DOCUMENT
This initiative will be enhanced during the v-WINter DUBAI meeting, officially presenting it among the institutional activities at the Italian Pavilion of the Universal Expo (the World Fair). 
The results of the meeting and related scientific work will be published in the prestigious International Angiology Journal
A sum up in layman’s terms will constitute a multi-lingual booklet dedicated to the public. 
An open access digital platform will allow proper vein-lymphatic evidene-based information. 
v-WINter DUBAI meeting organization is moving forward perfectly. 
300 Experts are confirmed IN PERSON, while all the world will have the opportunity to register for the online attendance.
for in person attendance has been opened: in case of interest, please write to

All info about the meeting are available by a click on the button
v-WINter DUBAI meeting
With the special memory of the FACULTY balloons
flying away from
v-WIN Albarella Island 2017 meeting, we look forward for the landing of the v-WINter DUBAI faculty, convinced that it’s not just where we are going, but also whom we are traveling with, deeply grateful then for the thousands who, along the 2021, joined
v-WIN educational teamwork,
being together in a time in which
gathering together was not possible.
Wishing everyone a meaningful 2022,
see you in Dubai on Feb 3.