vWIN foundation goes online

Venous World Inter-university Network (vWIN) foundation was created by Sergio Gianesini, Oscar Bottini and Yung Wei Chi, three vein specialists from the University of Ferrara (Italy), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the University of California Davis (USA), respectively.

vWIN as three main aims:

  1. Scientific research & meetings
  2. Humanitarian missions
  3. Social and Sport activities promoting public venous & health awareness

The first rationale of the foundation is the improvement of the scientific knowledge about the most severe venous conditions, also considering that the important scientific journal Lancet, in 2015 pointed out the need of increasing our society performance in thrombo-embolism management.

vWIN already published scientific paper on the topic, it has supported humanitarian missions in Central America for several years and it has created a social and sport public venous awareness international initiative called Game Over to Leg Failure. In order to favour an easy and effective communication an important website was created, by using WordPress: one of the easiest to be used CMS.

The website is also dedicated to the VI International Inter-university meeting in Phlebology, Lymphology and Aesthetic Medicine. The meeting will be held in the spectacular island of Albarella, near Venice, from September 6 to 9. On September 9, the island will be opened to the public for a venous awarenss day, in which combining pleasant and educational activities, favouring social and medical interaction

The website is institutional even if not complex and, since dynamic, it will be managed centrally.
Social networks will be involved, so to reach out whatever type of participants 24 hr a day, also considering the several involved international universities.

STAY TUNED…a lot of great news …and a spectacular international raffle prize will be given.

vWIN foundation

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