it’s V-ITALy

In a constantly evolving technological world, being updated on the available improvements is VITAL.

This is particularly true whenever dealing with healthcare innovations which require expertise together with proper evidence-based validation.

Following this need, along the years

venous-lymphatic World International Network (v-WIN) foundation has developed a global no profit educational project focusing on three main lines of action:

  1. Experts-oriented analysis of similarities & controversies in Vein & Lymphatic
    international guidelines
    (v-WINter 2019 project,
  2. Patients-oriented consensus on evidence-based fake-news free vein-lymphatic communication
    (v-WINter 2022 project,
  3. Moral interaction between Scientific Organizations and Industry representatives for increasing awareness on Certification & Regulatory aspects (TRUE CARE project

Primary endpoint of v-ITALY 2023 project is to gather together top Experts from all continents and top industry representatives to analyse the met and unmet needs in Vein & Lymphatic practice, reaching out to the global community of Vein & Lymphatic health professionals, as well as to the patients, identifying the ”VITALsteps forward for a proper advancement of Vein & Lymphatic care.

The project will lead to the submission of a scientific paper and to the creation of an open access digital platform, including the topic discussed by the experts and open channels of interaction for both health professionals and patients.

”VITAL” interactions will be welcomed in V-ITALy 2023.

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