from empiricism to evidence-based science in

September 6-9, 2017

under the auspices of

the Italian Ministry of Health

Simultaneous translation (English, Spanish and Italian)

INVITATION “from … to”

It is with a heart full of joy that we are announcing the VI International Interuniversity meeting in Phlebo‐Lymphology & Aesthetic Medicine.

Surely, organizing a meeting of such high value brings to us equal pleasure and responsibility.

But, in this peculiar event, there is also added moral and scientific values that make this experience unique.

From – to” is the leitmotif of the event.

From our last meeting in Argentina, now to Italy and then to the United States. 

From one side of the world to the other, collaborating to promote science, innovation and up‐to‐date best practice.

From empiricism to evidence‐based medicine.

From the venous experts to the other professional specialty allies.

From the most important internationally recognized vein specialists to the active involvement of the forthcoming generations.

From the most serious scientific brainstorming to the most amusing social sharing, fundraising and public health awareness promotion. This is the vision of the meeting and of the Venous World Interuniversity Network project.

This is our deepest desire: welcoming you to a private island near Venice, a true gem so geographically close to the most beautiful touristic treasures of Italy.

A so special place where interacting with the most recognized specialists of the world, a setting for presenting new ideas, an island of knowledge where building together the next steps of our specialty and of our social relationships.

In life it’s not just where you go, but also who you travel with, and so we hope you’ll join us soon, both in Albarella island and in its meting vision.

Sergio Gianesini
Meeting President
University of Ferrara
Oscar Bottini
Meeting Past President
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Yung-Wei CHi
II V-WIN meeting President
University of California Davis (USA)


From empiricism to evidence‐based science” is the motto of the meeting. The vision is to provide evidence‐based data regarding empirical habits and beliefs in phlebology.

A pre‐congress course will provide an intermediate level of knowledge, together with practical skills. In this way everybody will be able to enjoy the high level of the official congress.

The VI International Interuniversity meeting will offer the opportunity to have a deep insight in the international phlebology world, moving from basic science to the latest diagnostic and therapeutic advancements.

Specific courses will be dedicated to lymphology, aesthetics, compression and ultrasound scanning.

The most recognized vein specialists from all over the world will be available for the audience interested in a personal insight or in a general brainstorm. Social activities will be under the auspices of the Italian Olympics Committee and of the Italian Golf Federation, providing amusement but also venous awareness and medical screening to both physicians and general population, according to the vision of the Game Over to Leg Failure project.



It’s the meeting vision to foster top quality science, but also social interaction.
For this reason the dresscode will be casual, but the “rules of the game” will be strict

  • Speakers must report the references supporting their concepts on the slides.
  • Speakers must respect the assigned time. Mics will be shut down once the assigned time has expired.
  • Moderators must receive the talks one month prior to the Moderators will be responsible for a vivid discussion.
  • The sonographic contest is part of the CME‐related Participants are strongly encouraged to take part in it.
  • Simultaneous translation will be available in Italian, English and Spanish.
  • Speakers of the lectures will be available for 20 minutes after the talk. A table with free coffee will be dedicated to the ones who will desire to sit down with the lecture speaker, in order to get a chance to ask more questions about the assigned topic.
  • Interaction is crucial: hands‐on courses and social activities are planned with this aim. Everybody is strongly suggested to take part in them.
  • Only attendants who will participate in all the sessions will be eligible for the raffle prize of a free registration + travel check for the VII International Interuniversity meeting.
  • In order to promote new generations involvement, if a speaker wants, he/she can be substituted by his/her pupil in giving the talk. In this case the original speaker will become discussant and the pupil will enjoy free registration to the meeting.
  • Awards will be given only to the participants in the final ceremony of September 9th.


Accreditation Statement

The VI International Interuniversity meeting has been designed in accordance with
the accreditation requirements and policies of the Italian Council for Continuing Medical Education.